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OA News: April 25-30, 2011

April 30, 2011  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. Investments lead to regional African interconnection {ComputerWorld}
  2. AfDB Approves Usd 12 Million for Seychelles Submarine Cable Project {AfDB via}
  3. Could uprisings spread to south of the Sahara? {The Peninsula}
  4. African leaders commit to improve public service delivery through ICTs {CTO}
  5. Cameroon’s Diaspora-driven Cyberspace: A Platform for Civic Engagement or a Threat to the Biya Regime? {}
  6. Pope Says Internet Can Help Democrac in N Africa and M.E. {}
  7. Nigerians await broadband revolution {AfricaNews}
  8. Nigeria’s mad men {The Economist}
  9. New Google News for Opera Mini available in a dozen African countries {Google Africa Blog}
  10. What is the Potential Impact of Tablet Computers on Education Systems in Africa? {ICTWorks}
  11. Digital Life, the most comprehensive study of the African digital consumer, ever {ICTWorks}
  12. Mobile Trends 2020 Africa {slideshare}
  13. What’s next for ICT in Africa? {infoDev}
  14. Africa’s Governments Confront Social Media Protests {VOANews}
  15. Should ISPs step in to fight online piracy? {}
  16. Bridging our digital gap – The Glo Equation {Ghana News Agency}
  17. Ghana is 99th in World ICT rankings {GhanaWeb}
  18. Kenyan ICT firm brings state-of-the-art USA Data Center facilities to Africa {PRLog}
  19. Are cellphone apps and Facebook the key to empowering African youth? {Christian Science Monitor}
  20. Graduates lead Uganda’s IT charge {IT News Africa}
  21. LTE not the answer for Africa – yet {TechCentral}
  22. Firms Seek Supply Route Around Conflict in Congo {WSJ}
  23. Mobile Operators Go After the Rich Rural Data Market {Daily Nation via}
  24. South Africa’s new Internet cable link could bring economic boom {Christian Science Monitor}

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