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OA News: May 3, 2010

May 3, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. A must-read article on the background and uptake of online transparency in Africa:
    Tech for Transparency in Sub-Saharan Africa {Global Voices}
  2. A great post relating how online  transparency projects provide freedom and empower citizens:
    Sub-Saharan Africa: Catching Up with Online Transparency Projects {Global Voices}
  3. An outage on Seacom’s cable in the Mediterranean caused problems for South African subscribers. Why Africa’s current physical state of fiber optic connections is risky:
    Seacom alone is not the broadband answer {MoneyWeb}
  4. A report by Technology Strategies International states that, “With the mobile subscriber penetration potential being more than 100 percent, there is ample room for growth in the market. National backbone coverage is limited and, in keeping with the government’s Vision 2020 initiative, there are plans underway to extend the backbone, which will provide additional opportunities for investors”:
    Big opportunities in Nigeria’s telecom sector – Report {Business Day}
  5. Understandably enough, investors want legal framework in place:
    Absence of Cyber Crime Law, Threat to ICT Investment – Nitda {Daily Independent via}
  6. Vodacom and partner Congolese Wireless Network face arbitration after a long-term disagreement over allegations of fraud. Vodacom seems eager to stay in the country, however:
    Vodacom’s DRC Investment Turns Sour {How We Made It In Africa}

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