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OA News: May 5, 2010

May 5, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. A connection via the TEAMS cable would reduce reliance on the Seacom cable:
    Rwandatel Seeks Alternative Route to Seacom {The New Times via allAfrica}
  2. In collaboration with OLPC, students at government-aided primary schools in Uganda will receive laptops starting next year:
    UPE Children Get Free Computers {The New Vision via allAfrica}
  3. The World Economic Forum on Africa opened today:
    Partnership Key to Unlocking Africa’s Potential {}
  4. An Indian company will provide IT training services in Uganda:
    IT Firm Set to Invest in Country {The Monitor via allAfrica}
  5. Learn about the Mundeku Digital Village:
    Kenya Builds Digital Villages And Lays the Foundation for a Brighter Future {EContent Magazine}
  6. Worth a read for those interested in ICT models or education:
    A New ICT Maturity Model for Education Institutions in Developing Countries {Julian M. Bass, Development Informatics Working Paper Series}
  7. Should we still be focusing on the use of SMS in Africa?
    On Love and Hate for 160 characters {appfrica}

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