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OA News: May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. Explaining the basics of Africa’s potential, from youth to mobile, for a Canadian audience:
    Africa’s booming tech space will define the continent’s future {TMS Ruge for The Globe and Mail}
  2. News sites are increasingly popular:
    Biggest websites in South Africa {}
  3. Will the medium be popular, and will two initial competitors keep costs relatively low?
    Zimbabwe to Get Two WiMAX Networks {}
  4. Partnering for greater reliability:
    Companies in pact to improve Internet services {The Citizen}
  5. It would make sense that the demand for cyber cafes is elastic:
    Are Mobile Phones Pushing Cyber Cafes Out of Business? {ICTWorks via IFAP}
  6. Mobile banking represents the African continent in this India-based article:
    Connect to the bottom of the pyramid {eWorld}
  7. Preparing for the G8/G20 summit. Africa’s sole representative will be South Africa:
    This is Africa’s moment {The Globe and Mail}
  8. The ups-and-downs of Nigeria’s satellite trials:
    Challenges ahead of Nigeria‘s back-up communications satellites {The Punch}

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