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OA News: May 14-15, 2010

May 15, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. The commission will look at how to most effectively roll out broadband, among other things:
    ITU, UNESCO announce global Broadband Commission {Africa The Good News}
  2. Guidelines for creating and supporting ICT accountability:
    ICT for accountability: transparency “bottom-up” {ANSA-Africa}
  3. The co-chair of the World Economic Forum on Africa 2010 feels that applying Indian solutions to the problems in African can successfully strengthen infrastructure and education:
    Plugging the Technology Gap With Help From India {IRIN via allAfrica}
  4. More problems with Uganda’s cable projects:
    Unpaid Staff Threaten to Vandalise Fibre Cables {The Monitor via allAfrica}
  5. Especially capacity building, spreading knowledge, and infrastructure development:
    Govt Wants ICTs Major Impact On Citizens’ Lives {Angola Press via allAfrica}
  6. An increased sense of freedom and control may have a positive impact on well-being. The results of this U.K. based study can apply to Africa as well:
    Internet use makes us happier: Study {National Post}

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