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OA News: May 8-15, 2011

May 15, 2011  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. The Tanzanian government has given one company a monopoly power:
    Why Tanzanian Internet Access Prices Have Not Decreased with the Arrival of SEACOM {ICT Works}
  2. Jillian C. York discusses African online censorship:
    Africa’s cascade of Internet censorship {Al Jazeera}
  3. Intersat’s 5,000 kiosks are on the way:
    Dubai offers internet leap for Africa {The National}
  4. e-books are in store for Nigeria, but no serious plans seem to exist:
    Going digital: the future of the Nigerian book {234Next}
  5. Ghana’s 4th undersea cable arrived last week:
    WACS undersea internet cable reaches Ghana {Reuters Africa}
  6. SAT-3 experienced an outage last week:
    Togo suffers Internet disruption {Afrique en ligne}
  7. Multiple fibre projects are in progress across the country:
    Zim shifts to fibre optic telecoms {IT News Africa}
  8. A new whistleblowing website has launched in South Africa in a bid to facilitate a curbing of incidents of fraud, misconduct and corruption:
    New whistleblowing website launched in SA {Creamer Media}
  9. VSAT is still going strong despite growing interest in fibre delivery:
    Satellite vs optic fibre – is there a case? {}
  10. IST-Africa took place last week:
    ICT conference to benefit local companies {The Botswana Gazette}
  11. In a 41-minute YouTube interview, Rwanda’s president spoke about technology, among other things:
    ICT Will Accelerate Development – Kagame {The New Times via}
  12. Why isn’t there legislation in place to implement the one fibre pipe concept?
    Co-location – is South Africa getting the picture? {}
  13. The Joburg Broadband Network Project (JBNP) is moving along at a steady pace and will be completed in 2013:
    Joburg closer to digital city {Joburg}
  14. Hardware prices have dropped and, as a result, the international market is interested in Africa:
    Why it’s a good time to be developing mobile apps in Africa {memeburn}
  15. The project is well-underway:
    Implementation of First 4G WiMAX Network in Cameroon {GoingWiMAX}
  16. Challenges facing Africa’s e-commerce boom are yielding to technological advancement:
    The African ecommerce opportunity {memeburn}
  17. Total dollars spend online on retails goods grew 30% last year and is expected to grow by 40% in 2011:
    Online sales accelerate in South Africa {}
  18. Asking tech companies to provide more internships to university students:
    Rwandan University Leader Calls for Greater Cooperation between Universities and Labor Markets {VOA News}
  19. Women who have overcome the ICT gender barrier are helping to reduce the barrier for others:
    Women Strive to Close ICT Gender Gap in Nigeria {Global Press Institute}
  20. The Kenyan government gave Sh110.7 million ($1.3 million) to Family Bank in order to allow it to upgrade Internet access and online services in rural Kenya:
    Kenya gov’t investing in Internet future {IT News Africa}
  21. By linking citizens and municipalities, ICT can serve as an effective tool for strengthening urban governance:
    DIGITAL EMPOWERMENT > ICT can serve as an effective tool for strengthening urban governance {WB via The Citizen}

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