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OA News: May 17-19, 2010

May 19, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. The first phase of laying Main One is complete:
    Submarine Firm Completes Installation of Cable System {This Day}
  2. World Telecommunication and Information Society Day was Monday:
    UN chief calls for greater use of ICT {African Manager}
  3. A comprehensive article on Google’s operations in Africa, but mostly South Africa. Exact financial goals are still private, and the company is in many ways at the mercy of telecoms companies:
    In Africa, Google Sows Seeds for Future Growth {Wall Street Journal}
  4. The popular website now has local content for South African visitors:
    YouTube launches South Africa version {}
  5. A key to healthy development is progressive legislation:
    Open source pushed at Ghana meeting {Computerworld}
  6. One step at a time:
    Microsoft, Federal Govt, Citad, DBI Train 100 Youths {Vanguard via}
  7. The Nigerian economy is losing more money every year due to illegal software:
    Piracy Rate in Country Now 83 Percent – BSA {Vanguard via}
  8. Cyber criminals are becoming more advanced and target enterprises more often:
    Country Now 70 in World Cybercrime {Vanguard via}
  9. Angola is still publicly committed to becoming an information-based society:
    Telecom Deputy Minister Pledges to Meet Millenium Goals {AngolaPress via}
  10. The Nigerian President praises the dedication of the youth of country to ICT:
    Democracy is Gift From Youths, Says Jonathan as He Opens Facebook Account {Vanguard via}

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