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OA News: May 16-19, 2011

May 19, 2011  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. From 2008-2010, African fixed broadband prices dropped by over 55%. Mobile cellular prices are now 25% lower:
    Africa sees steepest ICT price falls {ITWeb}
  2. Can and will Facebook be used as an educational tool in areas where it has substantial influence?
    Facebook and education in Africa – should we be merging boundaries? {eLearning Africa}
  3. Samsung shows marked growth in Africa and plans on marketing unique products for the African market. The strategy has 4 A’s – Access, Align, Amaze, Act:
    For Africa, by Africa, in Africa {The Botswana Gazette}
  4. The mobile Web is picking up steam, at least in South Africa:
    Mobiles ‘boosting’ SA web use {The New Age}
  5. Swazi authorities cannot police the Internet like they can traditional media:
    Swaziland: The madness of King Mswati III {The Africa Report}
  6. Submarine fibre capacity is expected to increase by nearly 4,000% by the end of 2011. As such, the rate of cyber crime is also expected to grow:
    Higher internet penetration may open up Nigeria to cyber attacks {BusinessDay}
  7. A Vodafone Social Impact of Mobile report suggests ways to create sustainable business practices:
    Making Broadband Accessible For All {Vodafone, The Policy Paper Series – Number 12 – May 2011}
  8. Does broadband encourage people to better their societies, or does it lead to game-playing, movie-watching, and over-socializing? The author feels that, instead of having the U.N. subsidize technology in order to reach Millennium Development Goals, money should be spent on proven health and education endeavors:
    No Need for Speed {Foreign Policy}
  9. Increasing the presence of African women in computing:
    AfriWiT – African Women in Technology Update {iHub}
  10. A new Rwanda ICT lab (established with the help of South Korea) opened with the blessing of Paul Kagame:
    Kagame inaugurates new Rwanda ICT lab {Biztech Africa}
  11. August will mark the 10th anniversary of GSM licenses in Nigeria. Amazingly, the number of mobile phones in the country has gone from zero to 90 million in that time:
    Nigeria celebrates 10 years of GSM {IT News Africa}
  12. 8 out of 10 mobile advertisements in Africa are delivered to either a Nokia of Samsung device. Nigeris showed 36% growth in mobile impressions in a 3-month period:
    InMobi reveals African mobile advertising stats {IT News Africa}
  13. The four-year project will strengthen research infrastructure in Eastern and Southern Africa:
    AfricaConnect to boost Africa-Europe connectivity {Computerworld}
  14. Reasons why Africa is becoming a good place to do business but still is limited by politics:
    Africa: Ripe for reappraisal {Financial Times}
  15. Great quote: “This thing called the Internet has given us access to the world,” said Nii Kpobi Tettey-Tsuru III, chief of the “La” district in Ghana, who booked his flight to Liberty City at to save money:
    Ghanaian chief meets with Miami business people {Miami Herald}

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