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OA News: May 20-23, 2011

May 23, 2011  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. Students perform well on Microsoft Office tests just months after first using the software. The youngest is just nine years old:
    Wow! These young girls are Microsoft Office specialists {Vanguard}
  2. Erik Hersman recaps his chapter from the recent Vodafone mobile report:
    Mobile web content in East Africa {whiteafrican via memeburn}
  3. Measuring university speeds from around SA:
    Fastest broadband networks in South Africa {}
  4. A general international article on African ICT growth:
    Africa’s ICT sector booms {Business Report}
  5. Rwanda’s business environment has vastly improved in the past couple of years. How exactly has business boomed?
    Rwanda: the Singapore of Africa? {Southern Times}
  6. The Vodacom CEO explains how to lower mobile broadband costs:
    Reducing mobile broadband costs: What can be done? {}
  7. No EAC leader is as Twitter-friendly as Rwanda’s Paul Kagame:
    Tweeting President Kagame in Nation Can Never Be News, It is Just the Norm {The New Times via}
  8. Read up on what people are saying about the past weekend’s (Google) g|Maghreb conference:
    Results for #gmaghreb {Twitter}

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