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OA News: May 21-25, 2010

May 26, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment

Plenty of stories focusing on African Internet/ICT have emerged over the past 5 days:

  1. Kenya to use ICT to drive reforms {KBC}
  2. Cellular networks a key to getting developing world online {ars technica}
  3. India’s opportunity in Africa {The Economic Times}
  4. ITU Calls for Broadband Internet Access for Half the World’s Population by 2015 {cellular news}
  5. Fixed line telecom firms set to reap from roll-out of fibre cables {Business Dailiy}
  6. SENEGAL: From ‘brick’ to ‘click’ universities {University World News}
  7. Govt, Mauritius to Strengthen Cooperation {The New Times via allAfrica}
  8. More fibre optic cables to also enhance Mobile telephony {Citi FM Online}
  9. Five more years {The Economist}
  10. Museveni, Besigye Take Campaign into Cyberspace {The Independent via allAfrica}
  11. Share Cables, Ndemo Tells ICT Firms {Daily Nation via allAfrica}
  12. A Notebook for Each Student and Instructor {Tunisia Online News via allAfrica}
  13. ‘Broadband Can’t Reduce Telecom Tariff Now’ {Daily Independent via allAfrica}
  14. ICT Programme to Empower Rural Communities {BuaNews via allAfrica}