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OA News: May 27, 2010

May 28, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. Surprisingly few South African’s with mobile phone Internet access actually use it:
    SA mobile Internet takes off, but study shows room for growth {Engineering News}
  2. A Ghanaian company can now register TLDs:
    Ghana becomes the third in Africa to register Internet Domain names {Ghana News Agency}
  3. How to filter pornography in the digital age?
    Digital Porn Regulations Published {Business Day via allAfrica}
  4. The nation looks to become an Internet hub and also expects lower access costs:
    First Phase of ICT Broadband Backbone is Activated Nationwide {The Citizen via allAfrica}
  5. An excellent blog post that provides first-hand information about opinion of the Internet from those with little experience:
    Demystifying Internet {}
  6. Another article on the negative subject of cyber crime emanating from Africa:
    African broadband boost spurs rise in spam output {}
  7. Satellite still has its selling points:
    Fiber outages push up satellite business {ComputerWorld}
  8. Mobile broadband in Morocoo grew by over 300% from 2007-2009:
    The successful story of mobile broadband in Morocco {}

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