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OA News: May 25 – June 2, 2011

June 2, 2011  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. $75 billion has been invested in broadband in Africa in the last 10 years:
    Spurred by Devices, Internet Usage Will Grow by 2015 – Study {WSJ}
  2. Satellite broadband is still alive and well:
    Satellite deal to expand internet broadband in Africa {BusinessDay}
  3. Public institutions in rural areas of South Africa will receive satellite Internet starting in 2013:
    SA’s rural areas get Internet {Sowetan}
  4. Enhanced satellite capacity for DRC:
    Newtec Tapped to Increase African Internet Service {Government Video}
  5. TechCrunch article on how Ethiopia’s Internet is marred by government control:
    The Unconquered Nation, Crippled By Bureaucrats {TechCrunch}
  6. Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi are to be connected by a fibre-optic network titled, East Africa Backhaul System:
    East Africa invests a combined US$400m in fiber {Computerworld}
  7. New data security products have been launched for the African market:
    Unistal releases range of data care products in Africa {CIO}
  8. Examples of how telecoms investments have bolstered ICT growth:
    In Africa hi-tech is taking centre stage {Africa Renewal via News from Africa}
  9. There are only 1,300 registered Internet cafes in South Africa, but 39% of urban South Africans are browsing the Internet on mobile phones:
    10 Trends that are shaping media consumption {Moneyweb}
  10. June 8th is World IPv6 Day, where more than 225 organizations will run an IPv6 trial:
    World IPv6 Day Will Test New Internet Protocol {}
  11. An assortment of presentations from the recent annual conference on ICT education:
    eLearning Africa 2011 : Download PanAf Presentations {PanAf}
  12. On the importance of private & government partnerships to end censorship:
    From the e-G8: We must do a better job of connecting Africa to the Internet {ONE blog}
  13. Fibre investment growing in southern Africa as broadband demand increases {Developing Telecoms}
  14. Africa poised to benefit from new waves of growth {Engineering News}
  15. Open peering with free links to JINX and CINX {}
  16. 640 kbit/s in Douala at CFA 1000 for 90min/month:
    The first 4G broadband wireless internet provider to start in Cameroon {GoingWiMAX}
  17. Every major campus of every South African university will have broadband connectivity:
    Broadband for universities by year-end {ITWeb}
  18. 40% of Airtel’s African units will see extended 2G and 3G networks:
    Airtel hands Huawei African 2G/3G network upgrade and expansion contract {TeleGeography}
  19. More understanding needed to drive mobile health {Mobile Business Briefing}
  20. Samsung to drive content, apps for African market {Bizcommunity}
  21. The African value-added services market (content services) is growing by around 22% annually and could generate over $10bn in revenue by 2014:
    ICT: From the ocean to the cloud {The Africa Report}
  22. Second hand computers: a cause of concern in Uganda {Radio Netherlands Worldwide}
  23. Kamal is the founder and CEO of Craft Silicon, a Kenyan software company with offices in multiple countries:
    Meet Kenya’s Bill Gates – Kamal Budhabatti {Forbes}
  24. The World Wide Web Foundation warns against over-investing in fixed-line connections, especially in rural areas:
    Mobile is the way forward {Times Live}

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