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OA News: June 12-14, 2011

June 14, 2011  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. Pivot25 mobile apps and developer conference begins in Nairobi. Loads of online attention (rightfully so) for this event:
    {Pivot 25}
  2. It’s always great to hear news involving Burundi, Somalia, and Southern Sudan:
    Seacom to Extend Its Fiber-Optic Cable Into Burundi, Somalia, South Sudan {Bloomburg}
  3. The meeting is the 12th Forum on Telecommunication/ICT Regulation and Partnership in Africa supported by the International Telecommunications Union:
    IT Experts Discuss Cloud Computing {The New Times via allAfrica}
  4. By 2015, 15-20% of tourism in Africa is expected to be booked online as e-commerce spreads:
    e-Tourism in Africa {}
  5. Most operators in Central and West Africa have rolled out fibre optic backbone – bypassing the incumbent fixed line operators’ expensive transmission networks:
    Opinion: Affordability key to W.Africa broadband {BiztechAfrica}
  6. Early start and very chat/mobile-friendly:
    Why mobile social network MXit is twice as big as Facebook in South Africa {TNW Africa}
  7. As infrastructure is built and African access to the Internet grows, how will governments filter the flow of information? Uganda and Ethiopia are cited as examples of censored nations:
    Africa and the Internet: a 21st century human rights issue? {Christian Science Monitor}
  8. Citing broadband speeds in advertisements is often risky, as Cell C recently found out:
    21Mbps Mobile Broadband ad battle {}

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