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OA News: June 15-24, 2011

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  1. Both the University of Cape Town and Rhodes University have become affiliate members of the organization. Although these institutions do not provide access to the public, they do indeed provide Internet to thousands of students:
    Universities join ISPA {}
  2. Tom Rhodes gives a run-down of East African Internet censorship and offers opinion on where it is headed:
    The Internet in East Africa: An aid or a weapon? {CPJ}
  3. Opinion on where African mobile advertising is headed. By the Vice President and Managing Director Africa of InMobi:
    Beyond facts and figures: The real meaning of mobile advertising in Africa {The Media Online}
  4. Capacity for Nigeria via MainOne:
    Nigeria’s broadband journey, the Main One experience {Vanguard}
  5. The nation’s most popular GSM provider, Lone Star Cell, has taken the lead again in the telecommunication industry of the country consistent with its vow to keep Liberia in the center-stage:
    Liberia-Internet Boost: Lone Star Steps Up Internet Speed {Afrique en ligne}
  6. This July marks the 2-year operational anniversary of the SEACOM cable. The number of Kenyan Internet users has grown significantly during the period, but how much growth can and will be attributed to SEACOM?
    Two years on, SEACOM looks to new opportunities {Computerworld}
  7. Open source online learning in South Africa:
    Technology the key to addressing crisis in SA schools {The Skills Portal}
  8. A press release (by a global 4G communications company) touts the need for WiMax. It also cites the fact that mobile subscription penetration rates in Algeria, South Africa, Gabon, Tunisia, Mauritius, Botswana, Morocco and Mauritania are all above the world average of 60%:
    Wireless broadband, mobile phones connect Africa to Internet {ITWeb}
  9. Opinion on ICANN’s move to allow new TLDs applies to Africa:
    A Boring But Important Story for Continent {The Citizen via allAfrica}
  10. African blog post on WACS:
    Meet WACS, the latest submarine cable into Africa {Oluniyi D. Ajao}
  11. Toshiba has altered its strategy for growth in the African market:
    Toshiba’s aggressive Africa plan {BizTechAfrica}
  12. A non-profit is to provide solar electricity to power computer labs and Internet for five rural Tanzanian schools (2,500 children):
    TanzSolar Announces 2011 ‘Light for Every Student’ Project in Tanzania in Africa {PRWeb}
  13. Comments on how South African can empower the young through available technologies:
    Tech speak: Modern technology and the youth play an important role in SA {The New Age}
  14. Mobile broadband competition is at an all-time high in SA:
    Users smile in broadband war {The New Age}
  15. On comments that WACS will contribute to Nigerian Internet penetration rates of 35-40% by 2013:
    Internet access in Nigeria set to triple by 2013 {TheNextWeb}
  16. As mobile broadband becomes available so do the options of mobile video-conferencing:
    Video-Conferencing is Going Mobile {Daily Nation via allAfrica}
  17. African youth development should be anchored on ICT:
    ‘African Youth Devt Must Be Anchored on ICT’ {ThisDay}
  18. A British news article on Orange’s activities in Africa. Current, the telecoms company has a presence in 17 African nations:
    Orange: The future’s bright, the future’s… Africa {The Telegraph}
  19. The Android Ideos phone (~$80, made by Huawei) is extremely popular in Kenya. App development is booming:
    Android Marches on East Africa {Technology Review}
  20. Cisco expects Middle East and Africa to have 1.3 billion networked devices by 2015 (52% CAGR):
    Cisco sees increase in regional connectivity {Gulf Times}
  21. Virtual Kenya, a website with maps and spatial data, hopes to promote natural resource management:
    Improved Internet Access Brings Better Mapping and Spatial Data to Kenya{World Resources Institute}
  22. Press and Internet freedoms are extremely limited right now in Equatorial Guinea:
    Surge in Arbitrary Arrests Ahead of AU Summit {Amnesty International via allAfrica}
  23. No date of operation has been given:
    Seacom gets route through Mozambique {}
  24. E-commerce via text messages:
    Mobile Platform Aims to Boost African Commerce {Mobiledia}
  25. The world is fascinated by the power of mobile phones to bridge public health, governance, and education gaps:
    Activate 2011: Mobiles look set to play a big role in Africa’s development {Guardian}

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