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OA News: June 21-26, 2011

June 26, 2011  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. On investing in African tech start-ups (the time is soon):
    Africa Rising: No Tech Bubble Here {Kopo Kopo}
  2. South African social network users are linked to an average of 130 friends on social networking sites, according to a recent study:
    Find your social network target {}
  3. Some African delegates to an international dialogue in Malaysia claim Internet access is not a problem in their nations. Guinea feels otherwise:
    Internet Penetration Gaining Momentum In Africa {Bernama}
  4. Praise for the opening of Kenya’s m-lab a couple of weeks back:
    Kenya launches Africa’s first mobile apps lab {TNW}
  5. Quotes from government reps from Egypt, Tanzania, Guinea. The 3 nations are all at different points of the social media spectrum:
    Social media can bring govt to the people – envoy {IPPmedia}
  6. The company seeks to increase revenue (the motive here is not to better serve the people):
    3G coming to Telkom Kenya {IT News Africa}
  7. Ghana aims to provide LTE service with the help of Alcatel-Lucent:
    Ghana to launch LTE technology for mobile {GhanaWeb}
  8. Cites inMobi stats, 6300 series popularity, m-learning in SA, Opera stats, and more:
    The mobile world: 10 surprising facts about Nokia in Africa {Nokia Nseries Blog}
  9. The Tanzanian government says that 19 of 30 regions are now connected by fibre-optic cable:
    Tanzania-Information technology: Government Moves to Embrace ICT {Tanzania Daily News via Afrique en ligne}

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