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OA News: July 8-17, 2011

July 17, 2011  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. 28 finalists across 3 categories (entertainment, social networking, productivity):
    Android Developer Challenge — Sub-Saharan Africa: Finalists {Google Code}
  2. Summary of Google initiatives:
    Google bets on Africa as the next Internet hotspot {TNW}
  3. Rwanda develops a network of telecentres to serve rural communities:
    A network for a new economy {ICT Update}
  4. Ghana and most African countries still have weak information communication technology (ICT) capacity, a review of the continent’s telecommunication sector has revealed:
    Ghana and most African countries record weak ICT capacity in 2009-2010 {The Africa Report}
  5. Data cards and modems will be manufactured in SA. The goal is to ensure that Africa maximizes its local value add:
    Data cards to be manufactured in Africa {IT News Africa}
  6. The actual financing of Tech/Na! between 2007 and this year has remained consistently well below the proposed budget:
    Lack of Money Keeps Schools Offline {The Namibian via allAfrica}
  7. MTN South Africa is preparing to try out a Long Term Evolution (LTE) broadband network:
    MTN takes a step towards a LTE broadband future {BusinessReport}
  8. No service outages are expected when maintenance on the SMW4 (Mediterranean-London) cable begins on July 25th:
    SEACOM maintenance scheduled for July 2011 {}
  9. Analysis of potential backbone networks in Somalia, Ethiopia, and South Sudan:
    How Broadband Will Get To Somalia Before You Know It {USAID Connectivity for Development}
  10. The new look includes search functionality and a more detailed friends feature:
    New look, more growth for mobile social network MXit {memeburn}
  11. Arthur Goldstuck writes (positively) on his recent experience in Kenya:
    Kenya’s mobile miracle {Gadget}
  12. Do ICTs contribute to economic growth in developing countries?
    ICT and Economic Growth: Evidence from Kenya {ICTs for Development}
  13. Reflections on the future of ICT/mobile deployment in mLearning:
    Opportunities and challenges for use of mobile phones for learning {Educational Technology Debate}
  14. Popular print magazine article on mobile technology adoption in Kenya:
    Switching on: Africa’s vast new tech opportunity {Wired UK}
  15. Software, distributed by The Netherlands for other reasons, is used by African governments for censoring the internet:
    Internet censorship in Africa…a Dutch issue? {RNW}
  16. Open Government Data Portal will for the first time make state information available to the public:
    State goes hi-tech with launch of online data {Business Daily}
  17. Veepiz, Motribe, The Grid, and LinkedAfrica remain players behind MXit in the African mobile social sphere:
    8 mobile social media networks for emerging markets {memeburn}


  1. The state of competition in Zambia’s telecommunications sector:
    State of Competition in Zambia’s Telecommunications Sector {The African Journal of Information and Communication}
  2. 357-page publication including case studies and guidelines for implementation and evaluation of ICTs in Africa:
    Local Governance and ICTs in Africa {IDRC}
  3. Mark D. J. Williams, Rebecca Mayer, and Michael Minges. Africa’s ICT Infrastructure. The World Bank: Washington DC, 2011. Scribd

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