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OA News: July 11-18, 2010

July 18, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. “The vision of this policy is to ensure universal access to Broadband by 2019 by ensuring that South Africans are able to access Broadband either individually, or as a household, subscribe to a Broadband service, or are able to access a Broadband service directly or indirectly at a private or public access point,” the broadband policy states:
    Broadband for all in SA by 2019 {}
  2. Bandwidth traveling through the power lines was limited last week in Uganda:
    Bomb Blasts Disrupt Internet Services {New Vision via}
  3. Kenya needs more independence in Internet Service Provider market ownership to cushion it against price controls by foreign owners:
    South African firms jolt Kenya’s internet market {Business Daily}
  4. Canadian technology and involvement for the Sub-Saharan ICT sector:
    EDC invests USD 20 million in African tech fund to help Canadian companies tap into growing ICT markets {Trading Markets}
  5. Tunisia announces 2012-2014 development plan focusing on creating a stronger information society:
    TUNISIA: Higher education key to new development plan {University World News}

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