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OA News: July 24, 2010

July 24, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. President Paul Kagame’s stance on ICT is cited as an example for other African nations to follow:
    African states urged to emulate Rwanda on ICT {The New Times}
  2. Testing is nearly complete:
    Seacom back online {ITWeb}
  3. A look at recent scams involving Cameroonian youths:
    Scamming Gains Grounds Amongst Youths {Cameroon Tribune via allAfrica}
  4. The disruption of the nation’s undersea cable, operated by TDM, is causing problems across part of Mozambique:
    Break in Fibre-Optic Cable Damages Economy {AIM News vis allAfrica}
  5. In East Africa, it may take two more years until broadband costs substantially decrease. For one, there is still room for more competition, and secondly, it takes years to recoup the initial investment in the cable:
    Consumers to Wait Longer for Lower Internet Charges {Daily Nation via allAfrica}
  6. An opinion piece on Nigeria’s Kano ICT Park and recent conference at the location:
    The Allure of the Kano ICT Park {Daily Independent via allAfrica}

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