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OA News: August 3, 2010

August 3, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. The Vice Rector of Pentecost University College has called on African leaders and entrepreneurs to invest more resources into education, with a special focus on ICT:
    Invest in ICT education {Ghanaian Chronicle}
  2. Bottom up private sector strategies or top down government approach?
    Growing Africa’s Internet use: Top down vs bottom up РWhich way is up? {balancing act}
  3. The African Union Communications and Information Technology Ministerial Conference will attempt to implement the Cairo Decision of 2008:
    African experts assesses ICT implementation in the continent {African Press Agency}
  4. At least in South Africa, broadband price is still the most important factor on consumer’s minds. Upload speed and support are not considered as important:
    Broadband providers listen up: This is what consumers want {}
  5. On preventing a price crash due to excess cable capactiy:
    African Undersea Cable Glut May Spell Price War for Vodafone, MTN Group {Bloomberg}
  6. The ITU says that 40% of African Internet traffic is from Nigeria and that 30% of the nation’s population accesses the Internet:
    Nigeria internet population hits 43.9 million {Vanguard}
  7. In Senegal (and Ghana), text an SMS to a Gmail account and receive a free response:
    Google continues push into Africa with free Gchat texts for Senegal {The Christian Science Monitor}

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