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OA News: September 17, 2010

September 17, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. Elitism or political prowess? Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan recently announced his campaign via Facebook:
    Goodluck Jonathan, Africa’s first socially-networked president {The Daily Maverick}
  2. According to Symantec, 26% of South African businesses have implemented a cloud-based security backup service:
    Symantec, Internet Solutions team up on security services {BusinessDay}
  3. Ninety-percent of the 1,100 Internet-using small, medium-sized and large business surveyed across 20 African countries believe Internet costs will decrease as a result of undersea cables:
    African businesses expect Internet costs to drop, survey shows {Engineering News}
  4. Growth in rural areas and a greater focus on entertainment in the urban:
    SA poised for massive adoption of mobile web {memeburn}
  5. Another pigeon vs. Internet test gives the impression that all of Africa has incredibly slow connection speeds. Small (routine) file transfers are still much quicker:
    What’s faster than rural Internet uploads? Carrier pigeons {ars technica}
  6. The new web browser is available in beta stage – but only for Windows 7 users. Improvements have been made in speed, usability, integration with Windows 7, and HTML5 support:
    Microsoft, Top Sites launch Windows Internet Explorer 9 {Daily Nation}
  7. Africa’s international Internet backbone capacity has increasedhe  more than 14-fold between 2006 and 2010:
    International internet traffic soars, while prices tumble {TeleGeography}
  8. This year, the Israeli students will volunteer in Cameroon and Benin. An offline version of Wikipedia (with 1 million entries) will be included on provided computers:
    Students to Bring Computers and Wikipedia to Africa {The Epoch Times}

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