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OA News: September 19, 2010

September 19, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. A panel of global institutional investors and pension fund managers met with African Capital Market leaders to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing economic growth and international investment in African markets at the Africa Investor summit on the New York Stock Exchange:
    Experts Promote Investment Potential in Africa {VOANews}
  2. Food for thought from the ongoing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Africa conference in Harare. The consensus is that foreign-initiated social and economic policies have not helped bring more stable industrialization:
    African governments lagging behind in ICT {The Southern Times}
  3. To be most effective, first-world infrastructure needs a high level of manpower:
    Kenya welcomes more investment in ICT {KBC}
  4. Kenya’s software development industry is up-and-coming, but still slightly below the global radar:
    Kenyan beats ICT world to Sh80m {Business Daily}
  5. A look at Dertu, Kenya, one of the Millennium Villages. The town has a cell tower and nine computers at the school:
    Village becomes lab for curing Africa’s problems {Associated Press}

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