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OA News: October 12-13, 2011

October 13, 2011  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. The move should boost e-commerce activity in Morocco and the MENA region:
    Paypal Launches in Morocco {MoroccoBoard}
  2. Mobile education efforts are growing in SSA:
    The digital revolution in sub-Saharan Africa {Al-Jazeera}
  3. The nation’s largest mobile operator is connected to fibre in Tanzania and offers 3G service:
    Burundi’s U-com says mobile customers exceed 1 mln {Reuters Africa}
  4. 500 city-owned buildings will be connected early next year. 85% of the capacity will be available for lease:
    Jo’burg fibre to be lit by year-end {TechCentral}
  5. A public Internet registry will manage IP and AS numbers while working with AfriNIC:
    Ghana to establish public internet registry to address cyber crime, virus attacks {Ghana Business News}
  6. Certain South African commercial aircraft will have in-flight Wi-Fi capabilities:
    Internet and e-mail on local flights — but no calls yet {BusinessDay}
  7. Morocco’s Competition Council finds the national regulatory body to fall short in promoting adequate telecoms competition:
    Morocco promoting competition in telecom sector {Global Arab Network}
  8. On strengthening Nigeria’s regulatory framework within the next five years so that the dream of broadband for all becomes attainable:
    Experts make case for policy to drive broadband {The Nation}
  9. Video of Kenya ICT Board learning how Silicon Valley start-ups work with ideas (and venture capital):
    Kenya ICT Board global tour {NTVKenya via YouTube}
  10., the nation’s only online gaming website regulated by the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya, will provide revenue to the government:
    Amaya launches Kenya’s only regulated online gaming website {Canada Newswire}
  11. Customers can use Wi-Fi Internet via Orange’s 21 Mbps 3G+ network:
    Orange Kenya launches Flybox home Wi-Fi hub {TelecomPaper}
  12. A stellar review of last weekend’s Barcamp Abidjan, urging a bridging of the gap between geeks and larger companies and the government:
    Barcamp and Akendewa; some thoughts {Drogba’s Country}
  13. Informing Namibians about the dangerous of cyberspace:
    BOTNETS And YOU {New Era}
  14. Zimbabwe’s first cloud-computing center will potentially reduce business costs (server co-location, etc.):
    Utande installs ‘Cloud’ computing {Zimbabwe Independent}
  15. Strong, yet interesting, opinion on how the courage of youth to use their true social network voices is yet to be realized. The reason being the cohort is “still respectful of their elders”:
    Zimbabwe: A Revolution minus the AK 47 {Netherlands Aid}

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