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OA News: October 14-16, 2011

October 16, 2011  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. ICT boom: Zimbabwe’s chance to catch up {The Standard}
  2. In Egypt, young and tech-savvy Islamists try to project new image {Sac Bee via LA Times}
  3. Mobile phones are increasingly able to create wi-fi hotspots that can steal data:
    Open wi-fi hotspots put up at risk {IOL}
  4. A court in Malawi has stopped the government from getting Call Detail Records from phone operators:
    Malawi Court Stops Govt from using ‘Spy Machine’ {Mabvutojobani}
  5. Although much of the public feels telecoms operators to be predators, the telecoms sector is boosting the economy and facilitating communication:
    Predators endangering Ghana’s telecoms industry – Part I {Ghana Business News}
  6. The collaboration includes education content, Internet connectivity, ICT skills training and parental control for web access:
    Intel, safaricom launch campaign to promote e-learning in primary and secondary schools {BusinessDaily}
  7. The report includes case studies on how Namibia and Rwanda have used ICT to transform education:
    Transforming Education: The Power of ICT Policies {UNESCO}
  8. General policy approaches to promoting broadband development, along with driving demand and creating universal access:
    Broadband Strategies Handbook {Infodev}
  9. Of Facebook penetration, privacy and security {TechZim}
  10. A survey revealed that 64 percent of Egypt respondents spend three hours or more online every day involved in social activities:
    Main use of internet in Egypt is for social purposes, says survey {Marketing-Boerse}
  11. In Nigeria, the Kano state governor announced that he aims to make the region an ICT hub by 2015:
    Kano to Become Africa’s IT Hub {ThisDay}
  12. Spiritual leaders in northeastern Kenya are wary of social media, but youth are using the tools to address education and other issues:
    Social Media Leapfrogs Drought-Hit Nation into a New Generational Order {}
  13. Finally, Huawei strikes in Nigeria {Mobililty Blog}
  14. The government owned parastatal telecoms operator does not have the final authority:
    SPTC will toe the line – PM {Times of Swaziland}
  15. Angola launches Internet channel for women {AngolaPress}
  16. Blackberry apologises to customers {The Zimbabwean}
  17. Bharat Telecom will arrive in Mauritius this December. Still it will take 3 more years until 60% of home in the nation can have Internet access:
    Internet will grow to Rs 280 per month for a rate of 10 megabits per second {}
  18. MTC is launching a pay-by-time service as opposed to the traditional pay-by-data package:
    Billing Evolution for Internet Usage {Namibian Sun}
  19. A new Facebook group which aims to petition to Kenyan ISPs for reduced Internet prices:
    Kenya Deserves Cheaper Internet {Facebook Group}
  20. The challenges of mobile Internet in Africa include relationships with smartphone suppliers and the creation of a content distribution model:
    Les défis de l’internet mobile en Afrique {Les Echos}
  21. The South Africa Local Government Association recently recommended all municipalities to be connected to broadband by 2014:
    Le haut débit pour toutes les communes sud-africaines en 2014? {Ecofin}
  22. According to the president of the NGO Training and Research Tilwat, West Africa needs a universal access strategy, better organization for service operators and ISPs, and development parters such as NGOs and telecenters:
    Pour une pénétration «humaine» de la téléphonie mobile en Afrique {Ecofin}
  23. The telecom sector in Ivory Coast finds itself at a crossroads – and not only due to infrastructure damage:
    Télécoms : les grands défis de l’après-conflit {}
  24. Article on how the Internet brings information:
    Why we need to get more connected with the online world {Joy Online}
  25. UNICEF-developed computer kiosk aims to provide information access to isolated communities in Uganda {UNICEF}
  26. WACS will provide an additional 5 TBps by the end of the year. Either way, the current capacity in Ghana is 60x that of SAT-3:
    Govt says Ghana has broadband capacity of 7.16 TBps {TelecomPaper}
  27. Finalists for the Tech4Africa startup intiative offer a variety of services:
    Eight startups that promise to Ignite {Memeburn}
  28. The 3rd article of a series on five research papers examining African economic growth:
    How Africa’s economy is benefiting from the ICT revolution {How We Made It In Africa}

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