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OA News: October 18-19, 2009

October 18, 2009  »  NewsNo Comment

News from Sunday, October 18th, 2009 and Monday, October 19th, 2009:

  1. Internet costs in East Africa will decrease once competition increases following the connection to the SEACOM cable next month:
    Why Internet costs remain high despite SEACOM {East African Business Week}
  2. High volume users, in addition to small business and even individuals will see reduced rates this month:
    Dar first to lower Internet rates in EA {The East African}
  3. In the next five to seven years, all homes in Africa may have been connected with cheap broadband and internet access as well as other new offering like HDTV and IPTV:
    ITUapproves as standard for wired home networking {Vanguard}
  4. A number of blockages are emerging that need to be overcome if Africa is to take full advantage of its new bandwidth assets:
    Lower bandwidth prices: what can be done? {}
  5. Emirates Telecommunications Corp. plans to spend $825 million on investments in Libya where it’s bidding for a license as part of a plan to double subscribers by 2012:
    Etisalat Eyes $825M Libyan Investment, Expansion {Wall Street Journal}
  6. IT staff are upgrading their training to match new technology in Africa, and the demand for personnel is high:
    Rush to roll out fibre optics training {Business Daily Africa}
  7. Deadlines for goals established at the Connect Africa Summit in 2007 are coming up: What needs to be done?
    Adding flesh to EA’s fibre backbone {The East African}

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