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OA News: October 18, 2010

October 18, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. An exciting interview with Google’s branch of African development. Google’s mission in Africa is to make the internet an integral part of everyday life in Africa and strengthening the internet ecosystem, by increasing its relevance and usefulness, eliminating access barriers for potential users, and developing products that are meaningful for the countries in the region:
    Google commits to making internet a part of everyday African life {memeburn}
  2. Roughly 95% of possible IP addresses are currently available, but the Asia-Pacific region is quickly grabbing blocks of addresses. The good news for Africa? AfriNIC could potentially continue business as usual in the IPv4 realm for another 7 years:
    Well of remaining IPv4 address blocks a step closer to running dry {ars technica}
  3. The article mentions how East Africa fails to adequately facilitate tourism through the Internet:
    TZ frustrating joint tourism plan {Capital Business}
  4. Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos is still considered an ICT hub, but some businesses are moving out of the area once dubbed “silicon valley”:
    Will the market move out of Computer Village? {Daily Sun}
  5. London Internet Exchange’s quarterly magazine features an overview of the peering market on the African continent plus coverage of the recent Capacity Africa conference in Kenya:
    LINX: Cloud Computing and the African Peering Scene discussed in the latest issue of HotLINX magazine {Realwire}
  6. Europe’s leading home study IT provider has announced that it will re-launch their Project Africa service in February 2011. The company aims to help South African school children experience IT technologies:
    SkillsTrain re-launch Project Africa to teach children IT skills {}

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