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OA News: November 2, 2009

November 2, 2009  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. Uganda prepares to audit its $30 million national backbone:
    MPs Probe U.S.$30 Million Fibre Optic Project {East African Business Week}
  2. Only one-quarter of projects under the Rural Communications Development Fund remain active:
    Failed Rural ICT Projects Eat Up U.S.$10 Million {The East African}
  3. Safaricom’s bond program has received great interest:
    Investors Snap Up Safaricom Bond Offer {Daily Nation}
  4. Nigeria’s government understands the importance of understanding technology:
    The Country’s Prosperity Depends On Technology {Daily Champion}
  5. Rwanda’s new ICT minister promises to bring information technology to rural communities, as well as urban:
    New Minister Vows to Bridge ICT Gap {The New Times}
  6. Rwanda is to receive a 1,500km cable connected to Uganda, which in turn links to the Seacom cable in Kenya:
    Green Future to Spend Sh900 Million On Cable to Rwanda {Daily Nation}
  7. A new study shows that financial inequality largely depends on technology:
    The Internet Could Produce More Financially Equal Societies {U.S. News & World Report}
  8. The South African Large Telescope, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, is 11 miles from the nearest fiber optic cable. Results often have to be delivered by road:
    Southern African Large Telescope hit by broadband problems {The Guardian}
  9. PPCs (Pilot Pasha Centers) are broadband centers that provide benefits to rural residents in Kenya:
    Broadband In Kenya: Small Steps For Big Rewards
    {eWeek Europe}

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