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OA News: November 3, 2009

November 3, 2009  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. Last week, 26 schools in Namibia received IT donations:
    Many Schools Benefit From IT Donation {New Era}
  2. The New Partnership for Africa’s Development is setting up an Internet service linking parliaments on the continent:
    Nepad moves on scaled-back African network plan {InfoWorld}
  3. 600 children can now use a computer for the first time:
    Digital revolution comes to Burundi school {Reuters AlertNet}
  4. Vodafone Ghana now offers a 4Mbps package:
    Vodafone Offers Fastest Broadband Service {}
  5. Mobile banking is now more popular that traditional Internet banking in South Africa:
    Cellphone banking becoming more popular with customers {Engineering News}
  6. The benefits of splitting ADSL lines for local and international data:
    Blended versus local only ADSL data {}
  7. Intelsat wants to provide greater broadband coverage for Africa and says satellites can complement cables:
    More satellites for Africa {ITWeb}
  8. Another company plans on expanding to the Kenyan market:
    NewMarket Technology, Inc. Releases White Paper on African Investment in Kenya and Beyond {PR-USA}
  9. A conference promoting access to communication resources began in Ghana:
    Open Access conference opens in Accra {Ghana Broadcasting Corp.}
  10. Two digital conferences are scheduled this week in Nigeria:
    IT Edge West Africa, Digital Sense Hold Fora {Leadership Nigeria}
  11. An ICT conference in South Africa aims to bring socio-economic change:
    Conference to Help Bridge Africa’s Digital Divide {BuaNews}

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