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OA News: November 9, 2009

November 8, 2009  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. Will the rates and tariff go down after the regulator steps in?
    NCC set to review interconnect rates {The Guardian – Nigeria}
  2. Ushahidi gets a mention in a NYT article on Twitter:
    Refining the Twitter Explosion {The New York Times}
  3. Globacom can now take advantage of the GLO-1 cable in Ivory Coast. It’s part of a larger plan to provide West Africa with broadband services:
    Glo Awarded Cote d’Ivoire Licence {This Day Online}
  4. The gay community in Uganda has turned to social media to gain support for anti-homosexual legislation:
    Blogs, Facebook: Uganda gay’s last frontier {The East African}
  5. Information can help prevent disease and other social ills. The Internet needs to be affordable to at least 50% of the population for this to happen:
    Editorial: Country Has Lowest Internet Usage {East African Business Week}
  6. The “EAC Regional Integrated eHealth Management System” is being formulated:
    Health Sector Goes Digital, With Next Epidemic Alert a Click Away {The East African}
  7. South Africa plans on building up SMEs online:
    DOC wants to expand IT industry {ITWeb}
  8. A run-down of African innovations including applications, solar power and WiMAX:
    Technology fined tuned to Africa’s needs {The Africa Report}
  9. It could be 3 years (post-EASSy and WACS) until this happens, however:
    ‘ADSL data will fall below R 29 per GB’ {}
  10. A look at the outlook for fiber optic lines in South Africa. Two companies are examined:
    Cheaper access to fibre { from Balancingact-Africa}

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