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OA News: November 10, 2010

November 10, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. Advice from the AfricaCom conference in Cape Town:
    ICT vital to African economies – expert {WeekendPost}
  2. More advice from the AfricaCom conference, this time regarding the need for South Africa’s government to spearhead a national ICT vision:
    ICT needs direction {ITWeb}
  3. Which model should the nation follow: their own, Dubai, Norway, or Malaysia, for example?
    West Africa’s potential Dubai {Cocorioko}
  4. The user-edited video is but one example of how Africans are similar to the rest of the world in terms of social media and YouTube usage:
    Ugandan President Releases Rap Song {VOA News}
  5. Promoting broader government and stakeholder support into developing alternative solutions for the fight against cybercrime in Ghana:
    Microsoft hosts Internet Safety, Security and Privacy Convention {Modern Ghana}
  6. France Telecom wants to double its sales in rural Africa by 2015:
    FT looking to champion rural access across Africa {TeleGeography}
  7. One man’s opinion on how West Africa’s Main One cable will drive down costs:
    Internet Connectivity in West Africa: How MainOne is driving competition {}

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