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OA News: November 7-12, 2011

November 12, 2011  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. Broadband coverage and capacity challenges in South Africa {Balancing Act}
  2. Google Trader Brings New Online Marketplace To Nigeria {Tekedia}
  3. Sudan telecommunications show stark contrast in generation gap {IT News Africa}
  4. So, just how many Zimbabweans have mobile phones? {TechZim}
  5. Maroc Telecom results down after price cuts {TelecomPaper}
  6. Connecting Africa to the world and the world to Africa {}
  7. Bringing Facebook to Africa {}
  8. Sonatel addresses public responsbility {TelecomPaper}
  9. Africa expected to have 4G networks as early as 2012 {IT News Africa}
  10. App gives mid-range African handsets internet-free access to Facebook {}
  11. IFC to spend up to USD 400 mln on Africa ICT {TelecomPaper}
  12. Ethiopian Blogosphere: the Smallest in the World? {eweket}
  13. The Challenges Facing African Media {African Media Leaders Forum via allAfrica}
  14. uMAX to Launch AlvarionĀ® 4G Wireless Broadband Network in Zimbabwe {Enterprise Communicate}
  15. Gloing with submarine cable {The Nation}
  16. Glamour Names Egypt’s “Facebook Girl” as Woman of the Year {Human Rights First}
  17. Fiber Optic Cable Emerges from the Sea in Liberia {The World}
  18. Nigeria: Embrace ICT for development, Minister urges SMEs {NGO News Africa}
  19. Internet Costs to Decrease {The Independent (Mauritius)}
  20. The best countries to invest in are the worst {MarketWatch}
  21. African ICT Week {}
  22. Main One & Seacom Win Best Pan African Initiative Awards {Ghana News Agency}
  23. Survey highlights importance of Connect Africa goals {BizCommunity}
  24. Fund to help 239 villages reduce digital divide {IPP Media}
  25. Kenyans ‘Do Not Like’ Firms in Social Sites {MENA FN}
  26. Ghana gets new online payment system {MobileMoneyAfrica}
  27. Fibre network goes live in Zambia {Developing Telecoms}
  28. MTN to boost rural 3G coverage {TeleGeography}
  29. Failure to Adopt Technology in Libraries Results in Fewer Users {IPS}
  30. Zambia: Using Social Media to Mobilize Mobile Phone Service Boycott {GlobalVoices}
  31. The First Ping to South Africa (12 Nov 1991) {NSRC}
  32. Flying on the ICT cloud {The New Age}
  33. Rural marginalization {The Independent (Uganda)}
  34. The DotCom generation – Africa economy suffers from low Internet penetration {The Southern Times}
  35. Safaricom to build own fibre network {Business Daily}
  36. Wiring up Zambia {}
  37. Smartphones need more speed {news24}
  38. The new MXit: A focus on social media, smartphones and African expansion {memeburn}
  39. What if Zuckerberg came from Sandton? {Daily Maverick}
  40. The mobile revolution: how smartphones are putting Sudan at the centre of the world {The Telegraph}
  41. France Telecom upbeat on African growth {Reuters Africa}
  42. Kenya tops Africa in mobile govt services: report {Business Daily}
  43. Zimbabwe’s Digital Underclass {iZiviso Mag}
  44. Your broadband speed not what you expected? {MyBroadband}

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