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OA News: November 14-16, 2010

November 16, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. The MXit social network grows increasingly popular in South Africa, partially due to its compatibility with mobile technology:
    MXit turns to mobile phones to spread social media in Africa {Business Daily}
  2. Wireless in Africa is becoming more available:
    Spreading Mobile Data Into Africa Is Getting Better {Gizmodo}
  3. 4G networks are arriving in Africa, notably in Cameroon and Ghana. This article looks at some logistics:
    Next-gen boom in Africa as 4G networks are pioneered in several countries {Developing Telecoms}
  4. The Kenyan mobile company believes it has an 18-month lead on the competition in terms of mobile data availability:
    Safaricom Plans to bank on its lead in 3G infrastructure {Wireless Federation}
  5. The revenue potential from data services now looks greater than the share from voice:
    Mobile Data to Overtake Voice {Daily Nation via}
  6. The ANC are working on a comprehensive national ICT plan which will address universal broadband:
    Universal broadband for all: ANC {}
  7. Tips for safe purchasing on the Internet from your cell phone {IT News Africa}
  8. Internet dating grips Batswana {Sunday Standard}
  9. Huye Muslims Urged to Embrace ICT {The New Times via}
  10. Agri-business tops youth investment ideas in contest {Business Daily}
  11. The REAL connection speeds for Internet users across the world (charts) {pingdom}

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