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OA News: November 22, 2010

November 23, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. ICT Centers funded by the Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communications were inaugurated:
    National School ICT Connectivity Project Inaugurated {Modern Ghana}
  2. Microsoft is sponsoring a handful of Tunisian startups:
    ICT: Microsoft will sponsor ten Tunisian startups {Tunisia News Online}
  3. A new study shows that Tanzanians are more likely than the typical person in the world to access the Internet via mobile device. However, cyber cafes remain the most popular means of getting online:
    Internet access via phones up {The Citizen}
  4. A Zimbabwean company is helping police track stolen laptops:
    Local ICT firm unveils laptop tracking system {The Herald}
  5. The founder of mPedigree discusses the state of policy-making in promoting innovation in Africa within the context of the ever increasing counts of infrastructure development initiatives being run by African governments:
    We Don’t Do Soft Technology Here, Please {Afrinnovator}
  6. Results of a recent study show gender and racial disparities between Internet and social media usage in South Africa:
    Just how tech-savvy are South African women? {BizCommunity}
  7. An African princess living in the United States is coordinating a shipment of computers and peripherals to her native Zambia:
    African Princess Who Calls Palatine Home Seeks Help {}
  8. The most popular African ICT-related Tweet of the day: Kenya had the most intensive mobile internet users in Africa in 2009, with each user browsing an average of 525 pages monthly:
    Shushmul: Kenya Mobile Market Poised for Stupendous Growth {Business-Video.tmcnet}

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