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OA News: November 22-23, 2011

November 24, 2011  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. MTN committed to increasing internet penetration in Ghana {Spy Ghana}
  2. The future looks bright for Djibouti’s broadband: Djibouti Telecom {Business Excellence}
  3. 88% of African carriers have no access to iPhone: 67% of potential Asian iPhone buyers remain untapped by Apple {AppleInsider}
  4. More than 90% of Ghanaians lack knowledge on data usage: Vodafone to sensitize public on data usage {Joy Online}
  5. Ghana to train 5,000 physically-challenged persons in computer assembling {The Africa Report}
  6. ‘eMisr’ will involve $2.4 billion of investments and aims to provide 22% of Egyptian households with broadband in next three years: Egypt’s telecoms authority unveils national broadband plan to start mid-2012 {Ahram Online}
  7. Google supports Nigerian varsities with bandwidth, collaboration tools {Business Day}
  8. Africa’s Hottest Tech Startups: {Forbes}
  9. wants domain owned by Eritrea {EastAfro}
  10. Uganda: Internet Etiquette {The Monitor via}
  11. High costs of computers, internet hinder usage in Kenya {TelecomPaper}
  12. Blog and forum members in South Africa are much more likely to shop online the non-bloggers: Bloggers big on e-shopping in SA {BizCommunity}
  13. 83% of all PC Software in East Africa is Pirated: Does it Matter? {ICTworks}
  14. African Internet Community Discuss Key Development {Cameroon Tribune via}
  15. Acces a l’Internet haut-debit – La Cote d’Ivoire renforce sa connectivite au cable sous-marin {}

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