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OA News: November 24, 2009

November 24, 2009  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. Social networks pose a danger to young children, as does inappropriate online material, often accessed via mobile phone:
    Internet risks real for Kenyan kids {Capital News}
  2. A look at the potential for ICTs in rural Tanzania:
    Can ICTs aid small-scale farmers? {Global Voices Online}
  3. The telecom company will promote sustainability:
    MTN goes green {}
  4. How the Glo-1 fiber optic cable will help Cote d’Ivoire:
    Glo looks beyond Nigeria, Ghana to revolutionise Ivorian telecom market {Vanguard}
  5. In South Africa, Telkom still owns the portion of fiber optic cable, but wirless hotspots can bring the bandwidth until prices drop further:
    Surfing Simply With the Hotshot Behind the Hotspots {Business Day via}
  6. The Nigerian government is to provide Internet access to many students:
    FG to Provide Internet Access to Tertiary Institutions {This Day via}
  7. Kenya is aware that bandwidth costs have not decreased since the arrival of Seacom:
    Govt Warns Internet Providers Over Prices {Daily Nation via}

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