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OA News: December 2, 2010

December 2, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. How the arrival of 3 different cables has increased business confidence and grown the Internet user base, but at the same time, caused new challenges. ISPs do not trust one another, citizens blame ISPs for higher-than-anticipated prices, landlords demand money to have profitable fibre lines in their buildings, and ISPs are often entering only affluent areas. Moreover, the government has yet to adequately regulate last-mile infrastructure:
    Broadband world: Connecting Africa {BBC}
  2. 60% of Internet users in Kenya access the Internet through cell phones, according to a recent survey. Sub-Saharan Africa = 39%, global is 29%:
    Kenya’s mobile revolution bucks international trend {The Standard}
  3. In Kampala, New Vision Online was visited by 39% of the Internet users, while Daily Monitor attracted 22% of users:
    New Vision Online most visited local site – survey {New Vision}
  4. The initiative to connect all African capitals via broadband by 2012, connect villages by 2015, and to develop ICT skills and regulations are arguably still on pace:
    Connect Africa: Approaching the Halfway Point {Cisco Blog}

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