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OA News: December 6, 2010

December 7, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. How competition among Kenya’s telecom providers affects bundled costs, including data and Internet:
    Battle for Internet market share goes a notch higher {Business Daily}
  2. Middle East and Africa ad revenues are expected to increase by 24% annually – still behind other developing regions:
    Ad Forecasts on the Rise {}
  3. An overview of the West Africa Cybercrime summit:
    West Africa takes lead in fighting 419 scams {Vanguard}
  4. A free PDF download outlining all Zambia has done to meet ICT goals:
    ICTs and development in Zambia: challenges and opportunities {Panos London}
  5. An interactive global map of connectivity by year:
    Broadband world: Connecting Africa {BBC Tech}
  6. Will South Africa’s MXit gain as many users in the 120 countries where it now has a presence?
    MXit becoming a global phenomenon {Times Live}
  7. What challenges does the future of digital content in South Africa face?
    The future of eCommerce in emerging markets {memeburn}
  8. A company in East Africa will monitor social media trends for businesses:
    Kenyan firm to unveil social media monitoring system {The East African}

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