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OA News: December 1-6, 2011

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  1. will be a platform for Ugandans to showcase their country and creativity. The launch follows the recent
    YouTube Uganda Domain Name Launched {Uganda Online}
  2. Airtel and MTN are expected to gain in global share next year. Vodafone is expected to lose ground:
    Twelve 2012 Predictions For The Telecom Industry {Forbes}
  3. Security agents from Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Gabon, Ghana, Niger, Senegal, and Togo recently met at a workshop in Cotonou, Benin to brainstorm how to address the rising levels of cyber crime:
    West African states to join forces against cyber crime {Africa Review}
  4. More African governments have begun to prioritize the ICT sector:
    Africa’s emerging information societies {How We Made It In Africa}
  5. Kenyan company ionacloud is set to launch the world’s first free mainstream Personal Cloud Computing service:
    Personal cloud computing to launch in Kenya {IT News Africa}
  6. Input from Egypt contributed to the final product:
    Google launches Voice Search in Arabic {BI-ME}
  7. Movitel plans to provide all services that can use a mobile telephony platform, starting with Internet access:
    Third mobile phone operator in Mozambique due to start operating on 8 January, 2012 {macauhub}
  8. What really is local content? And why is it that there’s such a push for more local content?
    A Discussion on Local Content within the African Context {Afrinnovator}
  9. Around a tenth of Africa’s land mass is covered by mobile-internet services-a higher proportion than in India:
    Africa rising {The Economist via GBN}
  10. The number of sites will increase from 400 later this month to 700 by the end of 2012. The company is focused on 2G, 2.5G, and 3G growth:
    Zamtel to Double Mobile Network Sites {Times of Zambia via}
  11. Intel SA’s head of marketing, Ntombezinhle Modiselle, said this was equally true of South African woman:
    Women to dominate tech, and other trends {Business Live}
  12. Africa’s interest in ‘technology for journalism’ is, in part, being stimulated by Justin Arenstein, contracted by Google to help media owners build more robust business models and diversified revenue streams:
    ‘Data journalism’ draws the line between the quick and the dead {Daily Maverick}
  13. One goal is 80% 3G coverage within the first year:
    Cape Verdean mobile phone company CVMovel granted 3G license {macauhub}
  14. National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has earmarked an undisclosed sum of money to fund research in Nigeria’s ICT sector:
    Nation’s ICT Industry – Stuttering to Life Amidst Challenges {Leadership via}
  15. More than 120 million users projected for sub-Saharan Africa by 2015:
    The Numbers That Lure Telecom Firms to Africa {Daily Nation via}
  16. What is blamed for the weak telecom service in Ethiopia?
    Why Ethio Telecom needs to think outside the box {The Reporter}
  17. Africa’s lag in land-based telecoms infrastructure has propelled the continent directly into the mobile age, opening up short-term growth prospects unparalleled in the world:
    Africa: the new pot of gold for mobile telecoms {AFP}
  18. Community mapping and app development for Dar es Salaam, Tanzania:
    Towards an Open Dar Es Salaam {}
  19. Using public-private partnerships to aid telecoms growth in Congo:
    Congo: Privilegier le PPP pour developper le secteur des telecoms {Ecofin}
  20. The application window opens in January 2012:
    Internet War – Scramble for .africa Domain As January Deadline Looms {The East African via}
  21. In contrast, there will be 15 million fixed line connections (70% of these will be DSL):
    Africa: Broadband connection to exceed 250 million by 2015, says Informa {Business Day}
  22. Skype service is facing connectivity issues in Senegal:
    Problems with connectivity in Senegal {Skype}
  23. The online portal’s programs will cover the West African nation’s most important news and use live streaming to make it easier for Equatoguineans around the world to obtain information about events in their country:
    International Radio and Television of Equatorial Guinea Goes Live on the Web {PR Newswire via EIN News}
  24. Emerging markets media and internet giant, Naspers is going to shut down Dealify, its late entry into the group-buying space, after just a few months in existence:
    MIH kills group-buying site Dealify {memeburn}
  25. Internet service providers urge Icasa to hurry up with handing over Telkom’s “last mile”:
    Local loop: ISPs demand the whole hog {BusinessDay}
  26. The portal launched on November 16th:
    iZimbabwe announces business directory {TechZim}
  27. Mobile operator T-Mais is improving its 100,000 subscribers’ access to mobile internet by enabling internet messaging via SMS in the remote islands of Cape Verde:
    First Internet-free Facebook, email and online chat service for Portuguese speaking Africans {Developing Telecoms}
  28. Video from MBC:
    Internet Service Prices Still High in Malawi Despite Fibre Cable Connection {YouTube}
  29. A focus on high-tech healthcare solutions could come at the expense of basic prevention such as access to clean water and sanitation, good nutrition and hygiene, and health education, said experts at the AfriHealth conference in Kenya:
    African e-health ‘moving in wrong direction’ {SciDev}
  30. Cable & Wireless Seychelles (CWS) has successfully completed the roll out of its new state-of-the-art 3G+ mobile network across Mahe, Praslin and La Digue:
    Seychelles’ finest mobile network (3G+) is here {}
  31. will debut next year:
    Muslim Facebook Planned {OnIslam}
  32. YoungAfricaLive, a mobile community that entertains and educates young people on topics of love, sexual health, gender and relationships affecting the youth, launched in Tanzania:
    YoungAfricaLive launches in Tanzania {BizCommunity}
  33. A technology service center working on international brand name computers is coming:
    Addis gets international computer center {NewsDire}
  34. Mobile operators in the region want telecommunication regulators to speed up the process of migrating broadcasters to a digital broadcasting platform and in turn free up spectrum resources for other uses:
    CCK petitioned to free up more spectrum for mobile broadband {The Standard}
  35. In Nigeria, the lack of a robust national backbone has caused some national capacity costs to increase:
    Poor internet service persists {BusinessDay}
  36. The submarine cables connecting the coasts of Africa to the world are driving demand for a $400m investment in a seven-country fibre network:
    Liquid Telecom challenges monopolies with 13,500km Africa network, says CEO Nic Rudnick {Global Telecoms Business}
  37. President Kagame recently visited Samsung Electronics plant and the Korean Internet and Security Agency (KISA):
    Rwanda – President Kagame visits Samsung, KISA {ISRIA}
  38. Young activists lacked the political experience of better-organized Islamists:
    Egypt’s young Facebook revolutionaries fail to inspire voters {Los Angeles Times}
  39. African apps are built for the local market and are representative of the situation on the continent:
    From Tunisia to SA, apps take Africa by storm {The East African}
  40. 3G mobile broadband revenues are relatively small in Nigeria:
    Data service in Nigeria : too much chatter for very little revenue {BusinessDay}
  41. Many brand owners are not yet embracing mobile marketing since they do not know how to effectively use the channel:
    Nigerian brands begin journey on mobile marketing {BusinessDay}
  42. Google has ramped up its operations significantly in Sub-Saharan Africa over the past four years:
    How Google is building its brand in Sub-Saharan Africa {How We Made It In Africa}
  43. There are some 10 million Internet users in Sudan, and twice as many mobile users:
    Sudan Occupies Advanced Rank in Telecommunications Field {Sudan Vision}
  44. Six African markets could have LTE in 2012. Convincing shareholders to make the plunge, upgrade the network to be LTE compliant when the 3G network still has not reached its potential will be a difficult task:
    African telecoms bet big on next-generation LTE {Reuters}
  45. A recent thread where seemingly every mobile operator is listed as having fast 3G or 4G service:
    Which Is The Fastest Internet Modem In Naija? {Nairaland}
  46. The portal aims to offer better a personal experience to South African consumers (and advertisers):
    Yahoo! comes to South Africa {Gadget}
  47. Residents of Entasopia, Kenya are using a solar-powered internet facility to adapt to the changing climatic conditions.:
    Farming By Phone {IPS}

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