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OA News: December 14-15, 2010

December 15, 2010  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. Strong social media growth rates will soon give way to a solid user base:
    Africa’s social media revolution {BizCommunity}
  2. Predictions are generally in line with those of the past year: as broadband becomes more widely available, the number of cyber attacks originating from African nations will increase:
    Security predictions for 2011: Symantec {}
  3. West Africa works with Microsoft to mitigate cyber security issues:
    ‘419’ mails account for 8.6% of spam blocked by Microsoft {Vanguard}
  4. Results from the Open Africa Innovation Summit: innovation in developing local content is needed:
    Africa: Technology innovation can develop Africa {Afrique en ligne}
  5. The two-day summit was recently held in Cape Town, attracting 180 delegates:
    Report back on NEPAD ICT Africa Summit {The Zimbabwean}
  6. An interview with the CEO of AfriNIC regarding that status of Africa’s switch to IPv6:
    Africa must be ready for IPv6 {ITWeb}
  7. This article, written by a VP of Intelsat, discusses how and why Africa should balance satellite and mobile networks (think rural and urban):
    How satellite and 4G will coexist {TelecomEngine}

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