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OA News: December 12-15, 2011

December 15, 2011  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. YouTube Nigeria Inaugurated {This Day via}
  2. BlackBerry services come to Malawi {IT News Africa}
  3. Best broadband latency in SA revealed {MyBroadband}
  4. Namibia: Chaos As Telecom Goes Offline {New Era via}
  5. Kenya: British Fund Scouting for Konza Tech City Projects {Business Daily via}
  6. Post-Revolt Tunisia Can Alter E-Mail With `Big Brother’ Software {Bloomberg}
  7. What are Africa’s “Killer Apps”? {Big Think}
  8. Africa: 3G, 4G and the speed of evolution {The Africa Report}
  9. Smartphones beep to the rescue of drought-stricken Turkana {The Standard}
  10. Sierra Leone: NATCOM to Crack Nuts On Telcos, ISPs {Concord Times via}
  11. ICT at the heart of Kenya’s Vision 2030 {BizTech Africa}
  12. Penetration of internet-enabled handsets edge out cybercafes in Kenya {Xinhua}
  13. Facebook, Twitter post could land you in jail {The Standard}
  14. ICT textbooks launched for students and teachers {Modern Ghana}
  15. ICT to help Nigeria’s healthcare system {IT News Africa}
  16. ICT on track: PM {The Zimbabwean}
  17. Media Campaigns for Sierra Leone’s 2012 Elections {Awareness Times}
  18. RLG in partnership with Malian government to improve ICT {Modern Ghana}
  19. Icasa outlines plans for high-demand spectrum licences {BusinessDay}
  20. Kenya: Understanding Licensing in Relation to Software Piracy {Business Daily via}
  21. GBI Conducts South Sudan ICT Assessment {USAID GBi Connectivity4Development}

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