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OA News: December 16, 2009

December 16, 2009  »  NewsNo Comment
  1. Over 600 children have now used a new learning center in Ghana:
    Cherrypal Provides Internet Access to Children in Africa {PR Newswire}
  2. It takes dedication, money, authority, and skill to manage an African domain:
    Cape Verde, Somalia lead way in Africa domain operations {The Standard}
  3. The Nigerian backbone has over 1000 miles of cable, from Nigeria to Ghana:
    Suburban, Largest IP-Backbone Provider – Ayonote {Daily Champion via allAfrica}
  4. Apple’s iPhone debuts in Uganda:
    Orange Brings New Iphones to Country {The Monitor via allAfrica}
  5. A look at the expensive cost of Internet in Rwanda:
    The Story of Internet – One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward {The New Times via allAfrica}
  6. The global ICT sector produces 2-3% of Greenhouse Gas emissions and should look toward sustainable practices. Fortunately, ICT can help reduce emissions in other sectors by as much as 15%:
    ‘Broadband Will Increase Emissions’ {Daily Champion via allAfrica}
  7. Only 70% of surveyed Ugandans feel their telecoms experience is satisfactory. Many cite network outages and dropped calls:
    Telecom Services Substandard {The Monitor via allAfrica}

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