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September 2011 African ICT news roundup (Part 1)

October 4, 2011  »  NewsOne Comment

A collection of articles to be used as a reference. Part 2 can be found here.

  1. Rwanda: New Trends Within Telecoms Sector Is Refreshing News {allAfrica}
  2. Angola: U.S.$800 Million Needed for Telecommunication Projects {allAfrica}
  3. Liberia: New Mobile Money Technology Hits Liberia {allAfrica}
  4. Namibia: Nam More Competitive With Wacs {allAfrica}
  5. Govts Want Social Networks Blocked, Says MTN {allAfrica}
  6. UP Promises 20,000 Jobs Annually {allAfrica}
  7. Taxes Hindering Internet Penetration {allAfrica}
  8. Broadband Lessons From Eastern Europe for Africa {WSJ Blog}
  9. Vodafone introduces Mi-Fi wireless internet device for the home {Joy Online}
  10. The benefits of broadband connectivity in Africa {Communications Africa}
  11. .GA Gabon Domain registration: How to Register Gabon Domains {Domains Africa}
  12. Internet haut débit et développement en Afrique {Le Cercle}
  13. Achieving a high-speed Africa {MyBroadband}
  14. Minority Rule in Ethiopia – The Fear Factor {Nazret}
  15. World Bank project connects Liberia to first fiber cable {Computerworld}
  16. Mobile broadband data is king to telcos {Computerworld}
  17. Cyber crime, still a priority {Computerworld}
  18. Demand for virtual office space grows in East Africa {Computerworld}
  19. Four years on, Google sees growth in Africa {Computerworld}
  20. Zimbabwe’s first ‘Facebook trial’ collapses {Yahoo News}
  21. Liberia’s Legal System Goes on Internet {The Liberian Times}
  22. Sierra Leone: Using Technology to Close the Gender Gap {AfricanBrains}
  23. Rwanda Internet Not Affecting Our Business – Post Office {Africa Pulse}
  24. Benin to hold maiden Internet Week {Afrique Avenir}
  25. Les barrières frontalières freinent la diffusion d’Internet en Afrique {Afriquinfos}
  26. Rwanda: Broadband Commission to Convene in Kigali {Balancing Act}
  27. Burundi to get first national backbone network {Balancing Act}
  28. Congo: “Fibre to the people” – how to make the best use of the new international capacity {Balancing Act}
  29. Sierra Leone discovers the web {RFI}
  30. Companies Allowed to Use Private VSAT Communications in Ethiopia {Ezega}
  31. Malawi WiFi Project {Facebook}
  32. In A Market The Internet Forgot, Souktel Helps People Find Jobs Via SMS {Fast Company}
  33. Telcos learn to share {}
  34. Telecoms data prices, speed in Ghana – a scrutiny {Ghana Business News}
  35. Bridging the Digital Divide: Use of Public Internet Kiosks in Mauritius {IGI Global}
  36. The State of Internet Access in Uganda {IGI Global}
  37. No Quick Remedy for Africa’s Internet Gap {In-Depth News}
  38. Making the most of mobiles {Irin News}
  39. ICT taking Sierra Leone by storm {IT Edge News}
  40. Google Maps arrives for six African countries {IT News Africa}
  41. SEACOM to upgrade cable capacity {IT News Africa}
  42. Zambia finally connects to undersea cable {IT News Africa}