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OA News: March 23-25, 2011
March 26, 2011 ♦ News
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Seacom pushes for better fibre policy, Rwanda’s tech future, building capacity in Liberia, analyzing and visualizing African leaders on Facebook

Seventeen months later: TwitterKids of Tanzania
March 24, 2011 ♦ Education
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In October 2009, a group of Class 5 students from Shepherds Junior School in Arusha, Tanzania took the Internet by storm when they signed on to Twitter. Affectionately known as the TwitterKids, this group continues to interact via social media.

Nine months later: The Kuyu Project and StorySpaces
March 24, 2011 ♦ Education
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Who doesn’t enjoy a good story? That reaction is the basis of an educational initiative started in mid-2010 that now plans to utilize the power of the story to spur innovation.

HTML5 appearing in Africa
March 23, 2011 ♦ Web

Is HTML5 alive in Africa? Empirical knowledge on the subject is hard to come by, but such is the case with many web developments in Africa. A lack of easily searchable HTML5 web presence in Africa does not necessarily mean a lack of web design skill. Perhaps African web designers …

OA News: March 16-22, 2011
March 22, 2011 ♦ News
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14 stories on Google/Senegal relations, mHealth data collection, rural e-learning, 4G defined, E. African editorials, m-commerce

Renesys visualizes the Egyptian Internet Outage
March 21, 2011 ♦ Video
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Renesys Corp recently uploaded a visualization of January’s Egyptian Internet outage. In the description, the company wrote:
It [The video] shows the routed address space for each country, colored by reachability (at the routing/BGP level). Space in green is globally reachable, while space in red has had all …