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OA News: July 5, 2010
July 5, 2010 ♦ News
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Social media success for Nigerian President, Gabon sees investment, EASSy and broadband prices, KIE e-learning bolstered

Rwanda Computer Bus
July 5, 2010 ♦ Video
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New approaches to eliminating the digital divide often garner media attention. Case in point: Rwanda’s lone traveling computer bus. VOANews recently filmed a segment about how the program is expected to stimulate small- and medium-sized businesses across Rwanda. After all, greater than 70% small-medium businesses are in rural parts of …

Finland’s Broadband Law
July 5, 2010 ♦ Broadband
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On July 1st, legislation making 1Mb broadband access a legal right in Finland took effect. As a result, Finland becomes the first nation to consider broadband a right. (Last year France’s Consitutional Council declared Internet access a right, but the reason had more to do with shooting down an anti-piracy …

OA News: July 1-3, 2010
July 3, 2010 ♦ News
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East African Broadband for Higher Education, eGhana Project, 1Mbps a legal right in Finland

OA News: June 28, 2010
June 29, 2010 ♦ News
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Turning science into business, Rwanda defends investment, Nigeria combats cybercrime, more reasons to invest in Africa

Reminder: Don’t get hung up on statistics
June 28, 2010 ♦ Statistics
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Determining exactly who uses the Internet is a daunting task. One can either measure the number of registered IP addresses within a country or take a survey and extrapolate the results. Each method has its flaws; the first underestimates the number of Internet users (there are often multiple per IP …