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East Africa and Namibia have the proper mindset
October 9, 2010 ♦ ICT Policy
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Although the red of Namibia’s flag represents heroism and the people’s desire for equal opportunity, it can also be interpreted as a fiber optic cable traversing the nation. Recent news stories out of East Africa and Namibia suggest that connectivity is on the rise. More importantly, however, leaders of these …

OA News: October 8, 2010
October 8, 2010 ♦ News
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Ghana’s open source center, Namibian/Zambian/Botswana broadband plans, keep known cyber criminal nations offline?

OA News: October 7, 2010
October 7, 2010 ♦ News
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The excitement of East African broadband, Google to support African universities that invest in their infrastructure

Will Google’s Webp image format benefit Africa?
October 5, 2010 ♦ Web
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Eventually, the JPEG may head the way of the GIF, at least if Google has its way with its Webp (pronounced “weppy”) format. Last week, the company publicly unveiled a new compressed image format that could perhaps replace the gold standard that is JPEG. But, such a takeover will take …

Charted: African ‘Facebook Index’ by nation
October 4, 2010 ♦ Statistics

Internet World Stats has always been an excellent resource for global Internet use figures. For years, the site has routinely updated country-specific Internet penetration statistics when new ITU reports become available. However, in early September, Internet World Stats began tracking the number of Facebook users by both continent and country. …

OA News: October 1, 2010
October 1, 2010 ♦ News
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Updated undersea cable infograph, intellectual property progress