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Africa’s life cycle assessment (LCA) initiatives, past and present
August 29, 2010 ♦ Business
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Not surprisingly, the concept of life cycle assessment (LCA) is not widespread in Africa (a bevy of information exists on the related subject of sustainable consumption and production, but more on that later). After all, the evaluation of environmental impacts of digital products and services is a daunting task. It …

OA News: August 28, 2010
August 28, 2010 ♦ News
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IXPs, Google in Liberia

OA News: August 26, 2010
August 26, 2010 ♦ News
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African Centre for Cyber Law and Cyber Crime Prevention opens, Peace Corps volunteers more connected than ever to home

Clever advertisement for eTXT service (email to SMS)
August 26, 2010 ♦ Video
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It’s a no-brainer. Walk more than 5 kilometers to the nearest cyber café or simply use a standard mobile phone to send e-mail. Well, ForgetMeNot Africa, a specialist in unified messaging for telecommunications operators, has developed a system of sending emails to mobile devices via SMS. Of course, this technology …

AVG ranks safest web-surfing nations; as usual, take with a grain of salt
August 26, 2010 ♦ Statistics & Web
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Good news for Africa’s world image, even if the data is misleading. A study by online security company AVG recently determined that Internet users in the Caucasus region (Turkey, Russia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan) have the greatest chance of facing cyber attacks. Such results, however biased or limited by the method …

OA News: August 25, 2010
August 25, 2010 ♦ News
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