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Interview with Temitope Benson, founder of Nigerian event website
March 25, 2014 ♦ Web
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Temitope Benson, founder of Nigerian event website, shares his entrepreneur story. In a matter of months, the site has already seen solid growth and can serve as an inspiration to others.

Ethiopia, Sudan considered 2014 ‘Enemies of the Internet’
March 20, 2014 ♦ ICT Policy
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The 2014 Reporters Without Borders annual list of Internet Enemies contains Ethiopia and Sudan. Both score high for online censorship.

The complex future for mobile telecoms in Africa (consumers are starting to win out)
March 16, 2014 ♦ Business & Mobile
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Deloitte recently completed an in-depth analysis of the African mobile telecommunications market that aptly covers all aspects of the current mobile telecoms business in Africa, from recent trends to operational strategies to new opportunities.

‘How Africa Tweets’ report is a good benchmark for future analysis
March 14, 2014 ♦ Statistics
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The other day, Portland Communications released a new report on how Africa tweets that improves upon a similar analysis from 2011. Two years ago, the goal of the study was to establish a “benchmark for measuring the evolution of Twitter use in Africa.” This time around, researchers examined Twitter trends at a more granular level than before.

Multi-stakeholder affordable internet forum held in Abuja, Nigeria
March 12, 2014 ♦ ICT Policy
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On March 11th, the A4AI coalition hosted Nigeria’s first multi-stakeholder affordable internet forum. Held in Abuja, participants discussed challenges facing cheaper internet access in Nigeria along with how to overcome these barriers to access.

OA News: February 25 – March 11, 2014
March 11, 2014 ♦ News
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African ICT news headlines for early March include 118 stories from 27 countries.