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Tigo sees growth in data and financial services but faces regulatory effects
October 21, 2013 ♦ Mobile
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A recent Q3 financial report from Millicom, which uses the brand Tigo in Africa, nicely highlights mobile trends across the continent.

Survey of 51,000 Africans in 34 countries finds internet use around 18%, mobile 84%
October 18, 2013 ♦ Mobile & Statistics
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A survey of 51,000 Africans in 34 countries finds internet use around 15%, mobile use upward of 84%, and radio as by far the most common means of learning the news.

Quick African trends from Akamai’s ‘The State of the Internet, Q2 2013′ Report
October 17, 2013 ♦ Broadband & Statistics
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A summary of broadband data from the Second Quarter, 2013 ‘Akamai State of the Internet’ report as it relates to Africa.

OA News: October 8-14, 2013
October 14, 2013 ♦ News
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This week’s African tech news round-up consists of 100 stories from 29+ countries.

African internet and broadband facts from ‘Measuring the Information Society 2013′ report
October 14, 2013 ♦ Broadband & Statistics
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A recent ITU report examines global ICT development, the cost of broadband, and how youth are driving internet usage. We’ve broken out how trends apply to African countries.

CTO Forum 2013 aims to turn rhetoric into broadband access
October 13, 2013 ♦ ICT Policy
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CTO Forum 2013 served as another means of bringing together ministers, experts, and policymakers who have the ability to drive down internet access costs for African consumers.