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The Launch of Project Hello World in Suleja, Nigeria
February 23, 2014 ♦ Video
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In Suleja, Nigeria, a fully functional internet kiosk, built and maintained by the community, is accessible to all thanks to Project Hello World. The internet hub will help students access educational content and will inspire them to use their creativity to the fullest.

Interactive portraits of young internet users in South Sudan, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Morocco
February 23, 2014 ♦ Web
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RNW asked the question “How do you surf?” to dozens of young people from around the world. Using photographs in conjunction with the answers, the group published a series of interactive portraits of young netizens in their natural surfing habitat.

Video roundup: ICT hubs, rural projects, m-commerce, online freedom, and more
February 19, 2014 ♦ Video
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35 videos shared on YouTube by various sources in the five months from September 2013 – February 2014 highlight the diverse ways in which the internet is poised to African society.

Paul Kagame on information, broadband, and youth
February 17, 2014 ♦ Broadband & Education & ICT Policy
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Last month, Rwandan President Paul Kagame wrote an editorial that stresses the need to empower youth through technology to ensure economic growth for Africa.

OA News: February 1-13, 2014
February 13, 2014 ♦ News
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African ICT news headlines for the first half of February: 114 stories from 29 countries.

OA News: January 16-31, 2014
February 1, 2014 ♦ News
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Rounding out African ICT news headlines for the second half of January are 131 stories from an impressive 35 countries.