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Perspectives on ICT and education in Africa from eLearning Africa News Portal
April 18, 2013 ♦ Education
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Nine perspectives on ICT and education in Africa from the eLearning Africa news portal.

African Tech Tidbits: domains, education, social advocacy, vandalism, and more
April 18, 2013 ♦ Uncategorized
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Our thoughts on a variety of issues facing African Internet development in 2013 run the gamut from electricity to freedom of expression to country-level domains.

Inactive African Twitter accounts we wish would return
April 17, 2013 ♦ Uncategorized
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A diverse mix of African Twitter accounts that have been silent for more than 40 days.

Video roundup: mobile broadband, software development, Intel, Microsoft, Google, and more
April 16, 2013 ♦ Video
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Top videos from April 2013 on how technology is improving lives across Africa.

PingER project data on the health of Africa’s Internet networks
April 15, 2013 ♦ Broadband & Statistics
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Using the common “ping” test between pairs of hosts, researchers at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center regularly measure how well data is flowing across global networks.

eLearning Africa conference to focus on ‘tradition, change, and innovation’
April 14, 2013 ♦ Education
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The eLearning Africa conference, now in its 8th year, aims to set the tone for African e-learning efforts.