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Reasons why African nations are wise to update (or create) a national broadband policy
July 3, 2013 ♦ Broadband
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The presence of a national broadband plan equates to a 2.5% increase in fixed broadband penetration (7.4% in mobile). African nations should consider updating or creating new plans.

On Twitter, heavy African business and technology interest from within Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria
July 2, 2013 ♦ Web
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On Twitter, African business and technology interest is very heavily concentrated in Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, and Nigeria.

EACO Congress stresses need for East African broadband framework
July 1, 2013 ♦ Broadband
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The week-long 20th East African Communications Organization (EACO) Congress and Exhibition addressed issues pertinent to the ICT sector in the East African region.

OA News: June 26-30, 2013
June 30, 2013 ♦ News
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This week’s African tech news round-up consists of 75 stories from 34 countries.

Coworking is a growing activity in Senegal, Mali, and Burkina Faso
June 29, 2013 ♦ Business
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Jokkolabs is a social change hub that is now in its third year of operation. A cluster for social change based on an organic community of entrepreneurs, Jokkolabs now boasts coworking space in Senegal (Dakar and Saint Louis), Mali (Bamako), and Burkina Faso (Ouagadougou).

Mondoblog supports and empowers Francophone Africa bloggers
June 26, 2013 ♦ Statistics & Web
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From April 6-14, 2013, the 2nd annual Mondoblog training took place in Dakar, Senegal. However, this was no ordinary training.