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OA News: November 22 – December 1, 2013
December 1, 2013 ♦ News
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This week’s African Internet/ICT news round-up consists of 103 stories from 27+ countries.

Lack of electricity, internet access, tools, and training hinder rural ICT in education efforts
November 26, 2013 ♦ Education & Video
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A year-long study at four Ericsson Connect To Learn schools in rural Kenya and Uganda confirms many known challenges faced by remote schools.

Web Index Report ranks 22 African nations on access, openness, content, and empowerment
November 24, 2013 ♦ Statistics
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Only 2 of 22 African nations included in the Web Index 2013 Annual Report (of 81 countries in all) are in the upper half of the rankings.

OA News: November 15-21, 2013
November 21, 2013 ♦ News
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This week’s African Internet/ICT news round-up consists of 87 stories from 23+ countries.

Google’s Project Link to bring reliable (and hopefully more affordable) broadband to Kampala, Uganda
November 21, 2013 ♦ Broadband & Video
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Google’s latest internet infrastructure project (on the heels of Fiber and Project Loon) is an urban fibre network for Kampala, Uganda that can be accessed by local internet providers to increase data rates at a lower cost to subscribers.
Bringing reliable broadband internet access to landlocked nations is not the easiest …

600 million potential internet users in Africa by 2025
November 20, 2013 ♦ Business & Statistics
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A recent McKinsey & Co. economic report on Africa looks at the potential of the internet to contribute $300 billion to African GDP by the year 2025.