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Chart: National ICT plans by region, recent vs. last decade

May 29, 2010  »  StatisticsNo Comment

The majority of ICT plans are fairly recent (except in West Africa). Click to enlarge. Source: ICT Observatory & oAfrica

Measuring exact date of revision or enactment of an ICT plan, let alone determining if such a plan indeed exists, is a challenge. Still, general trends become apparent when comparing the recency of African ICT plans:

  • West Africa has a high prevalence of national ICT plans but many have not been revised in years.
  • North Africa has the highest implementation rate.
  • At best, 60% of African nations have ICT plans and only half of these have been drafted in the past few years.
  • Data is challenging to obtain; Central Africa should not have more Post-2007 plans than plans from all years. Either way, however, this suggests that Central Africa is making the most relative progress in terms of official ICT vision.

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